The Assessment of Children's Satisfaction with Foodservice in Elementary Schools Located in Seoul and Kangnung

서울과 강릉지역 초등학교 아동의 급식에 대한 만족도 평가

  • Published : 1997.11.30


A survey of 28 school foodservice establishments in Seoul and Kangnung was undertaken and detailed information was collected from 3,590 elementary school students. Childrert's satisfaction with the quality of school food was evaluated by questionnaires. It was measured by assessing 15 variables. Statistical data analysis was using SAS package program for descriptive analysis and T-test. Elementary schools in Seoul were all located in urban areas, whereas elementary schools in Kangnung were in urban areas (40.4%), provincial areas (40.0%) and in isolated areas (20.0%). Children seemed to be generally satisfied with the food served, with the lowest score of milk. Mean wastes for soups and Kimchi were found to be larger than those for milk and side dishes. The major reasons for leaving leftover were 'dislike the food (27.4%)'>'too big portion size (23.6%)'>'food is not tasty (19.2%)'>'low appetite (17.6%)'>'food is too overcooked or undercooked (3.9%)'>'food is not hot enough (3.2%)' in order.