Comparison of Noodle-Related Characteristics of Domestic and Imported Wheat

국산밀과 수입밀의 국수품질에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1997.02.01


Comparative study was performed on noodle characteristics among three domestic wheat varieties (Geurumil, Eunpamil and Alchanmil) and imported one (ASW: Australian Standard White). For the noodle-related characteristics, crude protein, ash and gluten contents were measured, and rheological properties of dough, flour color difference, particle size distribution, cooking properties and sensory properties were evaluated. Crude protein content of Geurumil, Eunpamil and Alchanmil flour were 12.8%, 14.2% and 11.2%, respectively, whereas that of ASW flours was 9.1%. Ash content was the highest in Geurumil (0.56%). The yield of patent flour was the highest in Eunpamil (53.4%) among all the varieties. Higher dough stability with farinogram and maximum viscosity with amylogram were shown in Eunpamil and Alchanmil than those of ASW. The cutting force of cooked noodle from ASW was the lowest maximum, that was measured by texture analyzer. Fairly good color and sensory scores were obtained in cooked noodle of Alchanmil. Studies of noodle-related characteristics indicated that domestic Eunpamil was higher in protein content and flour yield, and Alchanmil was higher dough stability and color, when compared to those of imported ASW. Alchanmil and ASW had good scores in sensory evaluation, especially appearance and color.