Effects of Combined Preparation (DWP715) Containing Alaska pollack Extract, Maltol, Ascorbic Acid and Nicotinamide on Decreasing of Blood Alcohol Concentration, Anti- fatigue and Anti-oxidation

북어엑스 및 말톨 함유 복합 조성물(DWP715)의 혈중 알콜농도 저하, 항피로 및 항산화 효과

  • 조재열 ((주) 대웅제약 중앙연구소) ;
  • 김애라 ((주) 대웅제약 중앙연구소) ;
  • 연제덕 ((주) 대웅제약 중앙연구소) ;
  • 임승욱 ((주) 대웅제약 중앙연구소) ;
  • 이재휘 ((주) 대웅제약 중앙연구소) ;
  • 유은숙 ((주) 대웅제약 중앙연구소) ;
  • 유영효 ((주) 대웅제약 중앙연구소) ;
  • 박명환 ((주) 대웅제약 중앙연구소)
  • Published : 1997.02.01


Effect of combined preparation (DWP715) containing Alaska pollack extract, maltol, ascorbic acid and nicotinamide on decreasing of blood alcohol was evaluated in human blood. Treatment of DWP715 prior to administration of 25% alcohol (100 mL) decreased alcohol concentration in blood and showed significant difference after 2 hours. The pharmacokinetic parameters such as area under the concentration-time curve (AUC), $C_{max},\;T_{max}\;and\;T_{1/2}$ were also decreased and delayed when compared with control values. Effects of DWP715 on anti-fatigue and anti-oxidation activities were also studied in the restraint stress model using various parameters (GOT, GPT, LDH values and organ weights) on mild condition and examined through the content of lipid peroxide induced by 2% $CCl_4$ in mouse livers. While GPT level, thymus and adrenal weight were not influenced by DWP715 dosing, LDH, GOT level and spleen weight used as a parameter against fatigue and stress states were recovered almost to the nomal level. Furthermore, lipid peroxidation due to $CCl_4$ was significantly inhibited by DWP715 treatment. These results suggest that DWP715 seems to metabolize the blood alcohol rapidly and to restore the damaged liver and fatigue conditions which was caused by alcohol metabolism to normal condition.