Simultaneous Determination of Various Pesticides (I): Analysis by GC with ECD and NPD Dual Detectors

잔류농약 다성분 동시분석법에 관한 연구(I): GC-ECD 및 NPD를 병렬 사용한 분석

  • Published : 1997.06.01


A simultaneous and rapid gas chromatographic determination of organophosphorus, organo-chlorine, carbamate, and pyrethroid pesticides in polished rice was developed. The pesticides were extracted from samples with acetone by automated soxhlet apparatus and this extract was evaporated to dryness. The residue was dissolved in hexane, the solvent was applied to a Sep-Pak florisil catridge, was eluted with 50% ethyl acetate in n-hexane, and was injected to dual GC-ECD/NPD system. This simple method affords a high recovery of hydrophilic pesticides, allows rapid analysis, and is cheap to perform. Except for dichlorvos and captan, recoveries of 46 pesticides were over 60%.