Recovery of Isoflavones from Soybean Cooking Water Produced during Soymilk Manufacturing Process

두유 제조 공정에서 생산되는 대두 침지액으로부터 이소플라본의 회수

  • Published : 1997.06.01


Soy isoflavones could be recovered with adsorption resin column chromatography from soybean cooking water produced during soymilk or tofu manufacturing process. The main isoflavones in the soybean cooking water were genistin and daidzin, and their concentration was $0.083{\pm}0.019$ and $0.11{\pm}0.017\;mM$, respectively. Their aglycones were not detected. pH of soybean cooking water was critical in this chromatographic process and the recovery of isoflavones, both genistin and daidzin, was maximum at pH 4.0. Adsorption of genistin on the resin was stronger than that of daidzin. Elution rate and height/diameter ratio also affected the recovery yield. Under the optimal conditions, about 85% of genistin and 70% of daidzin could be isolated from soybean cooking water. Soy saponins were also recovered with isoflavones.