Characteristics in Oxidation of Korean Corn Starch with Sodium Hypochlorite

Hypochlorite에 의한 한국산 옥수수 전분의 산화특성

  • Published : 1997.12.01


Effects of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) concentration, temperature and pH on oxidation mechanism of corn starch were investigated. The rate of oxidation was dependent on the concentration of hypochlorite, pH and temperature of oxidation. The reaction was either first or second order depending on the concentration of NaOCl. At oxidant concentration of $0.75{\sim}3.0%$ active Cl/g starch, the reaction was first-order and it was second-order at $3.75{\sim}4.5%$ active Cl/g starch. The first-order rate constants were increased with increasing oxidant concentration. The rate of oxidation of starch was highest at pH 7 and decreased with increasing acidity or alkalinity of the medium. As the reaction temperature increased, the rate of oxidation was increased.


corn starch;sodium hypochlorite;rate of oxidation;rate constant