Structural Analysis of the Unusual Sugar-Containing Oligosaccharides Formed by the Selective Cleavage of Weakly Acidic Polysaccharide

약산성 다당의 선택적 분해 과정에서 얻어진 특이당 함유 Oligo당의 구조적 분석

  • Published : 1997.12.01


By sequential degradation using partial acid hydrolysis of a weakly acidic polysaccharide (GL-4IIb2'), two acidic oligosaccharide fragments, PA-2' and PA-1-III were isolated and their structures were characterized. PA-2' consisted of almost equal proportion of a rhamnose (Rha) and an unusual sugar, 3-deoxy-D-manno-2-octurosonic acid (Kdo). When permethylated oligosaccharide-alditol derived from PA-2' was analyzed by GC-MS, the peak gave the fragment ions at m/z 189 $(bA_1,\;6-deoxyhexose)$ and at m/z 308 $(aJ_2,\;alditol\;from\;Kdo)$. The peak also gave the characteristic ion at m/z 162 but it did not give the fragment ion at m/z 177, suggesting that Kdo is substituted at C5 but not at C4. Methylation analysis also indicated that PA-2' was composed mainly of terminal Rhap and 5-substituted Kdo. When the reduced product from PA-2' was analyzed by $^1H-NMR$, it gave a signal at 5.09 ppm due to an anomeric proton of ${\alpha}-L-Rha$. These results indicated that PA-2' mainly contained ${\alpha}-L-Rhap-(1{\rightarrow}5)-Kdo$. On the other hand, PA-1-III mainly comprised Rha and Kdo in addition to small proportions of arabinose (Ara) and 3-deoxy-D-lyxo-2-heptulosaric acid (Dha). MS analysis of permethylated oligosaccharide-alditols from PA-1-III suggested that the major peak 1P was $Rhap-(1{\rightarrow}5)-Kdo$ whereas the minor peaks 2P and 3P possessed $Araf-(1{\rightarrow}5)-Dha$ unit and these peaks were produced as epimers during reduction of carbonyl groups in Dha.


structure;unusual-sugar;oligosaccharide;sequential degradation