A Respiration Rate Measurement of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables with a Corrected Pressure Variation Method

수정된 압력변위법을 이용한 과채류 호흡속도 측정

  • Published : 1997.12.01


This study was carried out for improvement and correction of the traditional pressure variation method (PVM) in the respiration rate measurements of fresh fruits and vegetables using a microcomputer system and a differential pressure sensor. Water vapor pressure in the container was calculated by equations for psychrometric calculations. At the beginning of experimental period water vapor pressure in the container was increased and maintained constantly in the most experimental period, but was decreased dramatically after $CO_2$ scrubbing. The percentages of water vapor pressure on total differential pressure were $33{\sim}46%$ at $1^{\circ}C$, $23{\sim}45%$ at $11^{circ}C$ and $35{\sim}53%$ at $21^{\circ}C$. The differences between the respiration rates determined by gas chromatography and corrected pressure variation method (CPVM) were $0.2{\sim}0.3\;mgCO_2kg^{-1}h^{-1}$ at $1^{\circ}C$, $0.2{\sim}2.9\;mgCO_2kg^{-1}h^{-1}$ at $11^{\circ}C$ and 1.0{\sim}9.0\;mgCO_2kg^{-1}h^{-1}$ at $21^{circ}C$, while those between gas chromatography and normal pressure variation method (PVM) were $0.8{\sim}1.2\;mgCO_2kg^{-1}h^{-1}$ at $1^{\circ}C$, $3.9{\sim}11.0\;mgCO_2kg^{-1}h^{-1}$ at $11^{\circ}C$ and $8.0{\sim}32.0\;mgCO_2kg^{-1}h^{-1}$ at $21^{circ}C$, respectively. The differences of the respiration rates with CPVM were smaller than those with PVM. CPVM, therefore, were more exact and convenient method than PVM in the measurement of respiration rate of fresh produce.


Pressure Variation Method;Corrected Pressure Variation Method;respiration rate;water vapor pressure