Effects of pH and Potassium Chloride in Solvent System of High-Speed Countercurrent Chromatography

pH 및 염화칼륨 첨가가 고속역류크로마토그래피의 용매시스템에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1997.12.01


Effects of the physical properties of solvent system such as pH and polarity change by salt addition in solvent system were investigated by using high speed countercurrent chromatography apparatus (Model CCC-1000, Pharm-Tech Research Corp. USA). The changes of pH and interfacial tension in solvent system of high speed countercurrent chromatography did not significantly affect on retention of stationary phase, but induced remarkable changes in the partition coefficient of ginkgo flavonoids, kaempferol, quercetin and isorhamnetin. The partition coefficients of ginkgo flavonoid standard increase with an increased pH of solvent system and quercetin sharply increased at pH 10.0. Retention of stationary phase decreases with an increased concentration of KCl in butanol of solvent system. Interfacial tension between two phase in solvent system of hexane increases with an increased concentration of KCl. The polarity of solvent system significantly changes the partition coefficients of ginkgo flavonoid.


Countercurrent chromatography;kaempferol;quercetin;isorhamnetin;partition coefficients