Effects of Aluminum Compound on Kidney Tissues of Rats

알루미늄 화합물이 흰쥐의 신장조직에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1997.12.01


This study was performed to investigate the effects of aluminium treatment on renal damage in rats. Seventy five male Sprague-Dawley strains were divided into five groups; the control, 250 ppm $AlCl_3$, group, 500 ppm AlCl3 group, 250 ppm $Al_2(SO_4)_3$, group, 500 ppm $Al_2(SO_4)_3$ group and kept on the diet for 2 weeks. The body weight gain was more increased in $AlCl_3$, treated of rats but decreased in $Al_2(SO_4)_3$, treated rats than the control, on based in histophysiological examination, in $AlCl_3$, treated group, thyrodization of kidney tubular lumen and interstitial inflammatory cell infiltration, abscess formation were demonstrated and in $Al_2(SO_4)_3$, treated animals destruction of glomeruli and necrosis in kidney cortex by inflammatory cells were shownd. On the other hand, blue-pigmented cast was noted in tubules of $AlCl_3$ administration group whereas focal aluminium accumulation was noted at interstitial tissue in kidney of $Al_2(SO_4)_3$, administration group.


Aluminum compound;aluminum chloride;aluminum sulfate;kidney tissue