Characteristics of Spray Dried Polysaccharides for Microencapsulation

미세캡슐화를 위한 분무건조 다당류의 특성

  • Published : 1997.12.01


Characteristics of viscosity and spray dried particles for several polysaccharides were studied to investigate the possibilities as wall materials for microencapsulation. Viscosities of 10% maltodextrin, 10% gum arabic, 10% dextran, 1% gum locust bean, and 1% gum karaya were 2.2 mPa.s, 9.2 mPa.s, 13.0 mPa.s, 4660.0 mPa.s, and 77.0 mPa.s, respectively. In scanning electron micrographs for spray dried polysaccharides, gum arabic had spherical shapes at 20% and 30% emulsion concentration, while trailed shapes at 40%. Maltodextrin had uniform spherical shapes at 30%, while aggregated form with various kinds of capsule sizes at 40%. Dextran had spherical shapes at 20%, while trailed fibrous shapes at over 30%. Mixed polysaccharides with gum arabic:maltodextrin (1:3, w/w) had uniform spherical shapes at 20%, 30%, and 40% with increasing diameter with increasing concentration.