An Rapid Extraction of Ginseng Saponin Compounds

인삼사포닌 화합물의 신속한 추출

  • Published : 1997.12.01


A new rapid saponin extraction method was developed with using of organic solvent and waring blonder. There was a good correlation between previous distillation method and this method in f major ginsenosides ($Rb_1$, $Rb_2$, Rc, Rd, Re, Rg1) contents. When the ratio of methanol and chloroform was 7:3, this method showed similar saponin contents (total major. ginsenosides contents) comparing with distillation method. Contents of total major ginsenosides were 2.41% in this method and 2.54% in distillation method. However, crude saponin content of this method was higher than that of distillation method.