Prevalence and serotypes of Streptococcus suis from pigs in Korea

국내 돼지의 Streptococcus suis 감염율 조사 및 혈청형 동정

  • Received : 1997.04.02
  • Published : 1997.09.25


To investigate the prevalence of Streptococcus suis in pig industry in Korea, we isolated S suis from pigs during two years. The isolates were identified by biochemical and coagglutination test. Serotypes and antimicrobial susceptibility of the isolates were determined. Fourteen strains(12.2%), 11 strains(27.5%), 58 strains(7.8%) and 4 strains(11.1%) of S suis were isolated from 115 nasal swabs, 40 tonsils of healthy pigs, 745 pneumonic lungs and 36 meningitis of diseased pigs, respectively. The isolates were highly susceptible to ampicillin, cephlothin and ofloxacin while they were resistant to oxytetracycline. Among the isolates, 63(75.9%) strains were to the S suis capsular type 1 to 10 and 11(13.3%) strains were untypable. Capsular type 2 was the most prevalent with 32(38.6%) strains of all isolates.