Bovine abortion associated with neospora in Korea

Neospora에 의한 소 유산 발생

  • Received : 1997.05.01
  • Published : 1997.09.25


A case of neosporosis is described in a 6-month-old aborted bovine fetus. Grossly, numerous, well-demarcated, 2-3mm, yellowish white foci were scattered in the heart and skeletal muscle. Histopathologic changes were confined to the brain, heart, and skeletal muscle. Multifocal areas of necrotizing encephalitis were observed in the cerebrum as well as cerebellum. Severe multifocal to coalescing nonsuppurative inflammation was observed in the myocardium and skeletal muscle. The tachyzoites of Neospora caninum were demonstrated in the brain, myocardium and skeletal muscle with immunohistochemical method using Neospora caninum-specific antibody. Based on the histopathology and immunohistochemistry, this case was diagnosed as neosporosis in aborted Korean cattle. This is believed to be the first reported case of bovine neosporosis in Korea.