Operators on a finite dimensional space

  • Ko, Eungil (Department of Mathematics, Ewha Women's University)
  • Published : 1997.02.01


Let $H$ and $K$ be separable, complex Hilbert spaces and $L(H, K)$ denote the space of all linear, bounded operators from $H$ to $K$. If $H = K$, we write $L(H)$ in place of $L(H, K)$. An operator $T$ in $L(H)$ is called hyponormal if $TT^* \leq T^*T$, or equivalently, if $\left\$\mid$ T^*h \right\$\mid$ \leq \left\$\mid$ Th \right\$\mid$$ for each h in $H$. In [Pu], M. Putinar constructed a universal functional model for hyponormal operators.


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