Experimental study on flame behavior within a porous ceramic burner

다공 세라믹 버너 내부의 화염 거동에 관한 실험

  • Published : 1997.04.01


Experimental studies on combustion phenomena within a porous ceramic burner are reported. Main interest of the present work is to investigate fundamental flame behaviors and their effects on the burner operation. Due to high thermal capacity of the porous ceramic materials, the response of flame to burning condition changes is slow and thus to have a stabilized flame is quite difficult and takes much time. It is found that the temperature profile obtained at downstream of the flame zone is not much sensitive to the movement of flame and the speed of flame movement is less than 0.1 mm/sec for the conditions tested. With the premixed LPG/air flame imbedded within the porous ceramic burner, stable combustion regions and unstable combustion regions leading to blowoff or flashback phenomena are observed and mapped on flow velocity versus equivalence ratio diagram. For the development of burner operation technique which is more practical and safe, intermittent burning technique, where the fuel or/and air is supplied to the burner intermittently, is proposed as one of the flame control methods for the porous ceramic burner and tested in this study. Through the experiment, it is realized that the proposed method is acceptable in respect to burner performance and give much flexibility in the operation of porous ceramic burner.


Porous Ceramic Burner;Flame Stability;Transient Behavior;Premixed Flame