Design of High-Order Moving Sliding Surface via Fuzzy Algorithm

퍼지 알고리듬을 이용한 고차 이동슬라이딩서피스의 설계

  • Published : 1997.01.01


A moving sliding surface(MSS) was proposed earlier for the second-order variable structure control system(VSCS). The MSS was disigned to pass arbitrary initial conditions, and subsequently moved towards a predetermined sliding surface by rotating and/or shifting. This methodology led to fast and robust control responses of the second-order VSCS, especially in a reaching phase. However, the moving algorithm of the MSS was too complicated to be employed to the high-order VSCS. To resolve this problem, a new moving algorithm based on the fuzzy theory is proposed in this paper. For the generalization of the MSS, the conditions for rotating or shifting are firstly investigated. Then the fuzzy algorithm is formulated by adopting the values of the surface function and the total discontinuity gain as input variables, and the variation of the surface function as output variable. The position control problem of an electrohydraulic servomechanism is adopted in order to demonstrate the efficiency and the feasibility of the proposed MSS associated with fuzzy algorithm.


High-Order Variable Structure System;Moving Sliding Surface;Ratating and Shifting Condition;Fuzzy Algorithm