A Visual Calibration Scheme for Off-Line Programming of SCARA Robots

스카라 로봇의 오프라인 프로그래밍을 위한 시각정보 보정기법

  • Published : 1997.01.01


High flexibility and productivity using industrial robots are being achieved in manufacturing lines with off-line robot programmings. A good off-line programming system should have functions of robot modelling, trajectory planning, graphical teach-in, kinematic and dynamic simulations. Simulated results, however, can hardly be applied to on-line tasks until any calibration procedure is accompained. This paper proposes a visual calibration scheme in order to provide a calibration tool for our own off-line programming system of SCARA robots. The suggested scheme is based on the position-based visual servoings, and the perspective projection. The scheme requires only one camera as it uses saved kinematic data for three-dimensional visual calibration. Predicted images are generated and then compared with camera images for updating positions and orientations of objects. The scheme is simple and effective enough to be used in real time robot programming.


Off-Line Programming System;SCARA Robot;Position-Based Visual Servoing;Predicted Image;Camera Image;Perspective Projection