A Study on the Development of Cu-based Sintered Friction Materials

동계 소결마찰재 개발에 관한 연구

Lee, Jong-Hyung;Choi, Byung-Ho;Kim, Jeong

  • Published : 1997.01.01


In a study on the development of Cu-based sintered friction materials, the specimens pressed with various compacting pressures $(3-6 ton/cm^2/)$ have been evaluated to find the optimum condition of compacting pressure. As compacting pressure increased up to $(5 ton/cm^2/)$, mechanical properties such as density, hardness, bending strength, wear and coefficient of friction, etc. improved remarkably, but up to 6 ton/cm$^{2}$, decreased slightly because of traps of gases and water vapors in specimen. Disk assembly composed of 12 pieces of Cu-based friction materials has been compared with one of asbestos-and nonasbestos-based friction materials. In dynamic and driving tests to find burst spin strength, corrosion area rate and friction properties, etc., Cu-based sintered friction materials showed better properties than the others, especially in severe conditions because oxides such as $Cu_2O; and; SnO_2$ in the friction surface of friction materials were formed.


Cu-Based Sintered Firction Materials;Asbestos-Based Friction Materials;Nonasbestos-Based Friction Materials;Compacting Pressure