Additional Damage of A17075-T651 under $90^{\circ}C$ Out-of phase Biaxial Loading from Crystal Structure Dependence

$90^{\circ}C$위상차의 이축하중 하에서 A17075-T651의 부가적 손상에 관한 결정구조 의존성에 관한 연구

Lee, Hyun-Woo;Oh, Se-Jong

  • Published : 1997.01.01


Accounting for the additional damages come out from non-proportional loading path effect, material damage according to crystal structure dependence was studied. Microscopic observations of damaged material by SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope) showed crystal structure dependence. Biaxial in-phase loaded specimens showed the slips of same direction, which pararell each other, but biaxial 90.deg. out-of-phase loaded specimens showed multiply crossed slips. S. H. Doong and D. F. Socie reported that wavy/planar or planar slip material showed the increase in the cyclic hardening level during non-proportional cycling. From these results, the additional hardening and non-proportional loading effects were related with slip mechanism, and the slip mechanism was related with crystal structure. In the present study, a damage mechanism which accounts for the non-proportional loading effect from crystal structure dependence was considered and applied to A17075-T651.


Damageable Plane;Planar Slip Material;Biaxial Non-Propotional Loading;Additional Damage;Crystal Structure Dependence