Evaluationof Growing Crack-Tip Singularity in A533B Steel by Image Processing Technique

화상처리법을 이용한 A533B강의 진전균열특이장 평가

  • Published : 1997.01.01


This paper describes an experimental and numerical study on growing ductile crack-tip behaviors. The hybrid experimental and numerical method by means of a computer image processign technique, was applied to the analysis of both base metal and weld metal CT specimens. In the weld metal specimen, the initial crack-tip was placed in front of fusion line, and the crack orientation was perpendicular to it. Finite element analysis of crack growth behaviors in both base and weld matal specimens made of A533B Class 1 steel were also performed to examine the effects of weldment on near crack-tip fields. a series of experimental studies on crack-tip behaviors have clearly shown the qualitative effects of material properties, especially a hardening exponent. The experimental and numerical results have also shown that weldment does not affect displacement and strain fields near a crack-tip while a stress field is influenced by the difference between yield stresses of both base and weld metals.


Crack-Tip Singularity;Huchinson-Rice-Rosengren Field;Image Processing;Finite Element Method