Real-time direct kinematics of a double parallel robot arm

2단 평행기구 로봇 암의 실시간 순방향 기구학 해석

Lee, Min-Ki;Park, Kun-Woo

  • Published : 1997.01.01


The determination of the direct kinematics of the parallel mechanism is a difficult problem but has to be solved for any practical use. This paper presents the efficient formulation of the direct kinematics for double parallel robot arm. The robot arm consists of two parallel mechanism, which generate positional and orientational motions, respectively. These motions are decoupled by a passive central axis which is composed of four revolute joints and one prismatic joint. For a set of given lengths of linear actuators, the direct kinematics will find the joint displacements of th central axis from geometric constraints in each parallel mechanism. Then the joint displacements will be converted into the position and the orientation of the end effector of the robot arm. The proposed formulation is decoupled and compacted so that it will be implemented as a real-time direct kinematics. With the proposed formulation, we analyze the motion of the double parallel robot and show its characteristics. Specially, we investigate the workspace in terms of positional space as well as orientational space.


Double Parallel Mechanism;Direct Kinematics;Inverse Kinematics;Geometric Constraint;Link Train;Active and Passive Joint