Estimation of the Elastic Stiffness of TW-HDS Assembly

너비감소 판형 홀다운스프링 집합체의 탄성강성도 평가

Song, Kee-Nam

  • Published : 1997.01.01


A formula for estimating the elastic stiffness of TW-HDS with a uniformly tapered width from w$_{0}$ to w$_{1}$ over the length, has been analytically derived based on Euler beam theory and Castigliano's theorem. Elastic stiffnesses of the TW-HDSs designed in the same dimensional design spaces as the KOFA HDSs have been estimated from the derived formula, in addition, a sensitivity study on the elastic stiffness of the TW-HDSs has been carried out. Analysis results show that elastic stiffnesses of the TW-HDSs have been by far higher than those of the KOFA HDSs, and that, as the effects of axial and shear force on the elastic stiffness have been 0.15-0.21%, most of the elastic stiffness is attributed to the bending moment. As a result of sensitivity analysis, the elastic stiffness sensitivity at each design variable is quantified and design variables having remarkable sensitivity are identified. Among the design variables, leaf thickness is identified as that of having the most remarkable sensitivity of the elastic stiffness.


Elastic Stiffness Formular;KOFA(Korean Fuel Assembly);TW-HDS(Tapered-Width Holddown Spring Assembly);Leaf Type Spring;Castiglianos Theorem