The Fuzzy Controller for Spark Ignition Engine Knock Control

스파크 점화기관의 노킹제어를 위한 퍼지제어기 개발

  • Published : 1997.01.01


A variety of approaches have been investigated for the application of spark-ignition engine knock control. The control method implemented, here as "Fuzzy Control", has the advantage of not requiring the knowledge of a mathematical model of the controlled object and is more robust and flexible than conventional approaches. Knock control in this study is performed using vibration signal which is measured with accelerometer attached to the cylinder block of a 1498cc four-cylinder spark-ignition engine. The experimental results obtained with this method are compared with those obtained with a knock interval controller and with those of a conventional controller. Those results illustrate better performance in torque than knock interval controller and conventional controller.ontroller.


Knocking;Cylinder Block Vibration Signal;Knock Occurance Interval;Desired Knock Interval;Fuzzy Logic