Dynamic Stability of a Cantilevered Vertical Column Subjected to a Subtangential Force and Having a Tip Mass

끝단질량을 갖고 아접선력을 받는 외팔 수직기둥의 동적 안정성

  • Published : 1997.01.01


The dynamic behavior of elastic columns under the action of the subtangential force is studied in this paper. The subtangential force is the combination of the tip mass dead load and pure follower thrust. In this study, the tip mass is assumed to be a rigid body rather than a point mass. The equations of motion are derived based on the extended Hamilton's principle and the finite element method. Then the equations of motion are trasformed into a dimensionless form, and several parameters are identified. It is found that the critical subtangential force can be changed subtangentially by considering the parameters related to tip mass. It is also shown that the nonconservativeness of the applied force has a significant effect on the type of instability. The influence of the self-weight of the column on the variation of the critical force is also investigated.


Subtangential Force;Nonconservativeness;Finite Element Method;Dynamic Stability