Fuzzy Control Algorithm Eliminating Steady-state Position Errors of Robotic Manipulators

로봇 머니퓰레이터의 정상상태 위치오차를 제거할 수 있는 퍼지제어 알고리듬

  • Published : 1997.01.01


In order to eliminate position errors existing at the steady state in the motion control of robotic manipulators, a new fuzzy control algorithm is propeosed using three variables, position error, velocity error and integral of position errors as input variables of the fuzzy controller. Although the number of input variables of the fuzzy controller is increased from two to three, the number of fuzzy control rules is just increased by two. Three dimensional look-up table is used to reduce the computational time in real-time control, and a technique reducing the amount of necessary memory is introduced. Simulation and experimental studies show that the position errors at the steady state are decreased more than 90% compared to those of existing fuzzy controller when the proposed fuzzy controller is applied to the 2 axis direct drive SCARA robot manipulator.


Motion Control;Fuzzy Logic Control;Manipulator;Steady-state Position Errors