Material Properties and Strengthening Mechanism in Shape Memory TiNi Fiber Reinforced Al Matrix composite

TiNi/Al 형상기억 지적복합재료의 기계적 특성 및 강화기구

  • Published : 1997.01.01


In the present paper, it is attempted to reconfirm the "Intelligent" material properties using both the sintered TiNi/Al(1100) matrix composite made by powder metallurgy method and the squeeze-casted TiNi/Al6061 specimens. A metal matrix composite is, its fault has been considered to deteriorate a strength of composite by heating residual stress of the matrix. Therefore, it is necessary to remove a tensile residual stress, to produce the strength of a composite better. On the contrary, if compressive residual stress happens in matrix of composite in place of tensile residual stress, it will make the strength of composite better. So that, this paper introduce the development of a high strength of composite, by using compressive residual stress well, on the study. By using these specimens, shape memory strengthening effects in tensile strength and fatigue crack propagation above inverse transformation temperature of TiNi fiber were investigated. We occurs the prestrain and volume fraction for to discuss the effects of a composite strength. Moreover, by SEM observation, the effect of the residual stress at the interface between Al matrix and TiNi fiber and some brittle precipitation layers such as inter metallic compounds on fracture mechanisms was discussed metallurgically.urgically.


Intelligent Material;Composite;Shape Memory Strengthening Effect;Inverse Transformation