The Evaluation of the Kinked Interface Crack Behavior in Dissimilar Materials by CED

CED에 의한 계면굴절균열의 진전거동평가

  • Published : 1997.01.01


The characteristics on the extension of the CED(Crack Energy Density) concept to the interface kinked crack problems in a dissimilar are examined. Each mode contributions of CED are found by symmetric and antisymmetric conponents and domain independent integrals. Finite element calculation is carried out to simulate the interface kinked crack growth on a bimaterial. The focus is the establishment of fracture criterion with CED and finding the orientation of crack extension. From the results, a prediction about the extension behavior of an interface kinked crack can be done. And we show that CED can be a parameter to indicate fracture criterion at an interface kinked crack.


Interface Kinked Crack;Stress Intensity Factor;Fracture Cirterion;Mode Separation;Discontinuous Plane;Nodal Force Release Method;Crack Energy Density(CED)