A Simplified Method for Determining Modal Strain Energy Release Rate of Free-Edge Delaminations in Laminated Composite

적층복합재의 자유단 박리에 대한 모드별 스트레인 에너지해방률의 간이계산법

Kim, Taek-Hyun;Oh, Taek-Yul;Kim, In-Kweon

  • Published : 1997.01.01


A simplified method for determining the mode components of the strain energy release rate of free-edge delaminations in laminated composite is proposed. The interlaminar stresses are evaluated as an interface moment and interface shear forces that are obtained from the equilibrium equations at the interface between the adjacent layers. Deformation of an edge-delaminated laminate is calculated by using a generalized quasi-three dimensional classical laminated plate theory developed by the authors. The analysis provides closed-form expression for the three components of the strain energy release rate. Comparison of results with a finite element solution using the virtual crack closure technique shows good agreement. In the present study, laminated composite with stacking sequences of [30/-30/90]$_{s}$ were examined. The simple nature of the method makes it suitable for primary design analysis for the delaminations of laminated composite.e.


Generalized Quasi-three Dimensional Classical Laminated Plate Theory;GQ3D-CLT;Free Edge Delaminatioin;Strain Energy Release Rate;Laminated Composite