Electrochemical Deburring System by the Electroplated CBN Wheel

입방정질화붕소입자 전착지석에 의한 전해디버링 시스템

  • Published : 1997.01.01


Deburring and edge finishing technology as the final process of machining operation is required for manufacturing of advanced precise conponents. But, deburring is considered as a difficult problem on going to the high efficient production and automation in the FMS. Removal of burr couldn't have a standard of its definition because of its various shapes, dimensions and properties and mostly depends on manual treatment. Especially, deburring for cross hole inside is very difficult owing to its shape passing through out perpendicular to a main hole. The electrochemical method is suggested as its solution in practical aspect. Therefore, electrochemical deburring technology needs to be developed for the high efficiency and automation of internal deburring in the cross hole. In this study, the new process in the eliminating burr inside cross hole, electrochemical deburring by the wheel electroplated with Cubic-Boron-Nitrade abrasives, is suggested. Its deburring mechanism is described and machining performances is investigated. Also, CBN electroplated wheel is designed and manufactured and then characteristics of electrochemical deburring are investigated through experiments. Overall electrochemical deburring performance against burr inside cross hole is examined in the various power sources such as peak current and direct current.


Electrochemical Deburring;CBN Abrasive;Cross Hole;Pulse Current;Electroplated Wheel