A Study on the Side Drop Impact of a Nuclear Spent Fuel Shipping Cask

사용후 핵연료 수송용기의 수평낙하충격에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1997.01.01


A nuclear spent fuel shipping cask is required by IAEA and domestic regulations to withstand a 9m free drop condition. In this paper, the structural analysis under the 9m side drop condition was performed to understand the dynamic impact behavior and to evaluate the safety of the cask for 7 PWR nuclear spent fuel assemblies. The analysis result was compared with the measured value of the 9m side drop test for the 1/3 scaled-down model and the accuracy of the 3D analysis was confirmed. Analysis in accordance with the diameter of impact limiters for the proto-type cask were performed. Through the analysis, the impact behaviors due to the side drop and the effects dependent on the diameter of impact limiters were grasped. Maximum stress intensities on each part of the cask were respectively calculated by using the stress evaluation program and the structural safety of the cask was finally evaluated in accordance with the regulations.


Shipping Cask;Side Drop;Drop Impact;Dynamic Behavior;Stress Intensity