Multivariable Control of Cold-Rolling Mills with Roll Eccentricity

롤편심을 포함한 냉간압연 시스템의 다변수 제어

  • Published : 1997.01.01


A disturbance rejection controller using eccentricity filtering and LQ control techniques is proposed to alleviate the effecto of major roll eccentricity in multivariable cold-rolling processes. Fundamental problems in multivariable cold-rolling processes such as process time delay inherent in exit thickness measurement and non-stationary characteristics of roll eccentricity signals can be overcome by the proposed control method. The filtered instantaneous estimate of roll eccentricity may be exploited to improve instantaneous estimate of the exit thickness variation based on roll force and roll gap measurements, and a feedforward compensator is augmented as a reference for a gaugemeter thickness estimator. LQ feedback controller is combined with eccentricity filter for the attenuation of the exit thickness variation due to the entry thickness variation. The simulation results show that the roll eccentricity disturbance is significantly eliminated and other disturbances also are attenuated.


Roll Eccentricity;Thickness Control;Gaugemeter Thickness Estimator;LQ Feedback Controller;Multivariable Rolling Mills