A Study on the Kinetodynamic Analysis for General Disk Cam Driving Slider Mechanisms

캠구동 슬라이더기구의 기구동역학 해석에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1997.06.01


Kinetodynamics of a cam driving slider mechanism consists of kinematic analysis and force analysis. The kinematic analysis is to determine the kinematic characteristics of a cam driving mechanism and a slider mechanism. The force analysis is to determine the joint forces of links, the contact forces of the cam and follower, and the driving torque of a main shaft. This paper proposes a close loop method and a tangent substitution method to formulate the relationships of kinematic chains and to calculate the displacement, velocity and acceleration of the cam driving slider mechanism. Also, and instant velocity center method is proposed to determine the cam shape from the geometric relationships of the cam and the roller follower. For dynamic analysis, the contact force and the driving torque of the cam driving slider mechanism are calculated from the required sliding forces, sliding motion and weight of the slider.


Kinetodynamics;Cam Mechanism;Slider Mechanism;Close Loop Method;Tangent Substitution Method;Cam;Follower;Instant Velocity Center Method