Vibration Analysis of the Shaft-duplicate Disk System

축-이중 원판계의 진동해석

  • Published : 1997.06.01


The effect of duplicate flexible disks on the vibrational modes of a flexible rotor system is investigated by using an anlytical method based on the assumed modes method. The rotor model to be analyzed consists of duplicate disks on a flexible shaft. In modeling the system, centrifugal stiffening and disk flexibility effects are taken into account. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the method, a hard disk drive spindle system commonly used in personal computers and a simple flexible rotor system with two disks are selected as examples. In particular, the dynamic coupling between the vibrational modes of the shaft and the duplicate disks is investigated with the shaft rotational speed varied.


Assumed Modes Method;Flexible Rotor;Duplicate Flexible Disks;Flexible Shaft;Hard Disk Drive Spindle System;Coupled Vibration