Anti-swing of the Nonlinear Overhead Crane Using Partial State Feedback Control

부분상태 궤환제어를 이용한 비선형 천정크레인의 진자각제어

Lee, Jong-Kyu;Lee, Sang-Ryong

  • Published : 1997.06.01


The purpose of this study is to design an anti-sway motion for industrial overhead cranes which transport objects on a horizontal plane by adjusting movements of a trolley motor and a girder motor. The movement of a hoist motor has not been considered at this time since its role was assumed to move objects only vertically, therefore, not to affect the swing motion of objects. The dynamic behavior of the swing motion shows nonlinear characteristics, which makes the design of anti-sway motion controller difficult. First of all, the nonlinear state equation for the motion of industrial overhead cranes has been derived. Then they have been linearized about normal operating states determined by the dynamic characteristics of motor motion-acceleration, constant speed, and deceleration, and deceleration, during transportation. The partial state feedback control algorithm based on this linearized state equation has been developed on order to suppress the swing motion. The simulation results have demonstrated satisfactory performance of the proposed controller.


Overhead Crane;Swing Motion;Operating State;Partial State Feedback Control;Gain Matrix