A Useful Technique for Measuring the 3-dimensional Positioning of a Rotating Object

회전체의 효과적인 3차원 위치오차 측정방법

  • Published : 1997.06.01


A method for measuring the accuracy of rotating objects was studied. Rotating axis errors are significant; such as the spindle error of a manufacturing machine which results in the surface roughness of machined work pieces. Three capacitance type displacement sensors were used to measure the rotating master ball position. The sensors were mounted to the three orthogonal points on the spindle axis. The measurement data were analyzed and shown for rotating spindle accuracy, not only for average roundness error but also for spindle volumetric positional error during the revolutions. This method is simple and economical for industrial field use with regular inspection of rotating machines using portable equipment. Measuring and analyzing time using this method takes only a couple of hours. This method can also measure microscopic amplitude and 3-dimensional direction of vibrating objects.


Apindle Accuracy;Volumetric Positioning Error;Capacitance Sencsor