A Study of Hierarchical Models for the Optimal Analysis of Thin Elastic Structures

박판 탄성구조물의 최적해석을 위한 계층적 모델에 관한 연구

Jo, Jin-Rae

  • Published : 1997.06.01


In the analysis of thin elastic structures such as plate and shell-like structures, classical lower-order theories like Kirchhoff and Reissner-Mindin theories are insufficient to describe the behavior of such structures in the region where the state of stresses is complex. On the other hand, the fully three dimensional theory of linear elasticity can provide desired analysis accuracy, but requires expensive computational implementation compared to the classical theories. This paper is concerned with the development of hierarchical models for elastic structures which can be used for hierarchical modeling for the analysis of such structures. Derivation and limit model analysis (when the thickness of structures tends to zero) of hierarchical models are presented together with a introduction of modeling error estimation. Also, numerical results supporting theoretical results are given.


Plate-like;Shell-like;Hierarchical Model;Classical Theory;Model Limit;Modeling Error