Numerical Calculation of the Far Field Acoustic Pressure from the Unsteady Motion of the Three-dimensional Vortex Filament

삼차원 와선의 비정상 거동에 의한 원거리 음압의 수치해석

  • Published : 1997.06.01


Far field acoustic pressure from the evolution and interaction of three-dimensional vortex filament is calculated numerically. A vortex ring is a typical example of the three-dimensional vortex filament. An elliptic vortex ring emits a strong sound signal due to significant distortion and stretching of the vortec filament. The far field acoustic pressure is linearly dependent on the third time derivatives of the vortex positions. A numerical scheme of high resolution is employed to describe in detail the elliptic vortex ring motions which ar highly nonlinear. Descretized vortex filaments are interpolated by using a parametric blending function to remove a possible numerical instability. The distorted vortex filament, owing to the self-induced and the induced velocity from the other vortex segments, is redistributed at each time step. The accuracy and efficiency of the scheme are validated by comparisons with the analytic solution of circular vortex ring interaction.


Vortex Filament;Vorticity;Far Field;Aerodynamic Noise;Quadrupole Source;Vortex Sound;Elliptic Vortex Ring;Axis Switching;Mutual Threading