Estimate of package crack reliabilities on the various parameters using taguchi's method

다꾸찌방법을 사용한 여러변수들이 패키지균열에 미치는 신뢰도 평가

  • Published : 1997.06.01


Package crack caused by the soldering process in the surface mounting plastic package is evaluated by applying the maximum energy release rate criterion. It could be shown that the crack propagation from the lower edge of the ie pad is easily occurred at the maximum temperature during the soldering process, where the pressure acting on the crack surface is assumed by the saturated vapor pressure at maximum temperature. The package crack formation depends on various parameters such as chip size, relative thickness, material properties, the moisture content and soldering temperature etc. The quantitative measure of the effects of the parameters could be easily obtained by using the taguchi's method which requires only a few kinds of combinations with such parameters. From the results, it could be obtained that the more significant parameters to effect the package reliability are the orders of Young's modulus, die pad size, down set, chip thickness and maximum soldering temperature.


Package Crack;Conservation Integral;Energy Release Rate;Taguchis Method