Performance analysis of a scroll compressor considering quasi one-dimensional leakage modeling and heat transfer loss

준 1차원 누설모델링 및 열전달 손실을 고려한 스크롤압축기의 성능해석

  • Published : 1997.10.01


A numerical method of calculating the performance of a scroll compressor for refrigerant R-22 and R-134a is presented in this paper. A series of involute curves are employed for the scroll wrap design and the compression volume is investigated geometrically. The radial leakage flow rate through tip clearance is calculated by the two-dimensional compressible flow. On the basis of the results, quasi one-dimensional leakage modeling can be applied to the performance analysis of a scroll compressor, more effectively. Furthermore, the heat transfer effect between scroll wrap and working fluid in compression chamber is considered for the performance analysis. As the results of this study, the effects of the radial and tangential leakage flow rate and heat transfer on the scroll compressor performance are derived precisely. These results may provide the guideline for the design and development of a real scroll compressor.


Scroll Compressor;Performance Analysis;Scroll Flow;1-D Leakage Model;Heat Transfer Loss