A Study on the Characteristics of Methane-Air Premixture Combustion and Combustion Radicals (II)

밀폐 연소실 내의 메탄-공기 예혼합기의 연소 및 라디칼 특성에 관한 연구(II)

  • Published : 1997.05.01


In order to evaluate the effects of equivalence ratio, initial pressure and temperature on the laminar flame propagation process, and combustion radicals characteristics, experimental approaches are carried out in methane-air premixture using a constant volume chamber. Local and average radical intensities were measured to determine the time and spatial correlations between each radicals; C $H^{*}$(431 nm), $C_{2}$$^{*}$ (517 nm) and O $H^{*}$(309 nm) . The results are showed that two kinds of equation were proposed for the cases of continuous flame and intermittent flame type to evaluate actual equivalence ratio using relative intensities with each radicals. Both equations were agreed with actual equivalence ratio within 10% errors range. And schlieren photo and CCD image were compared with flame sizes at equivalence ratio 1.0.o 1.0.


Combustion Radical;Radical Intensity;Equivalence Ratio;Flame Speed