Experimental investigation of flow parameters influencing the calibration of five-hole probes

5공프로우브의 보정에 영향을 주는 유동변수들에 대한 실험적 연구

  • Published : 1997.05.01


Effects of cone angle, pressure-hole orientation and Reynolds number on the five-hole probe calibration have been investigated for eight large-scale conical five-hole probes, which have either perpendicular pressure holes or forward-facing pressure holes for the cone angles of 45 deg, 60 deg, 75 deg and 90.deg. Pitch and yaw angles are changed from -40 deg to +40 deg with an interval of 5 deg, respectively, when the probe Reynolds numbers are 1.77*10$^{4}$, 3.53*10$^{4}$ and 7.06*10$^{4}$. The result shows that larger cone angle results in more sensitive changes in the calibration coefficients. In the case that the cone angle is 45 deg, the pitch-angle and yaw-angle coefficients of the five-hole probe with the perpendicular pressure holes show a very different trend compared with those of the five-hole probe with the forward-facing pressure holes. On the other hand, when the cone angle is more than 60 deg, each calibration coefficient is nearly independent of the pressure-hole orientation. Additionally, the effects of the Reynolds number on the calibration coefficients are also reported in detail.


Five-Hole Probe;Calibration;Cone Angle;Pressure-Hole Orientation;Reynolds Number