A study on the linearity improvement of a vibrating gyroscope by output feedback

출력신호 궤환을 통한 진동자이로의 선형성 향상에 관한 연구

Park, Sung-Wook;Oh, Jun-Ho

  • Published : 1997.07.01


Among various gyroscopes, the vibrating gyroscope has advantages such as compact size, mass-productivity and low cost. However this kind of gyroscope usually suffer from low linearity and low signal to noise ratio. Therefore, it is necessary to study on vibrating gyroscope to improve performance. In this paper, triangular cross section si selected in consideration for several points. The existing designs of exciting and sensing have some problems such that small signal size and low linearity. This paper proposes new design of exciting and sensing which is named one period exciting and the other period sensing. This design improves signal size, but it cannot improve linearity. This is because above two designs are the same open-loop type. So, another new design is proposed, which is named rebalancing, is applied to one period exciting and the other period sensing. This design are closed-loop type. It feedbacks the output signal. According to control theory, it can improve linearity. The circuits of each design are realized and used to calibration test. Calibration results show that new design of rebalancing improves linearity and signal size.


Vibrating Gyroscope;Linearity