Development f head-neck complex dummy for experimental study

실험적 해석을 위한 머리-목 형태의 더미 개발

Kim, Yeong-Eun;Nam, Dae-Hun;Koh, Chang-Hun

  • Published : 1997.07.01


A head-neck complex dummy, for measuring brain pressure and reaction force in the cervical spine was developed for experimental study related in injury mechanism. Dummy comprised aluminium-casted head with water filled cavity for simulating brain and mechanical neck assembled with six motion segments. Several kinds of experiments (compression, bending, cyclic modulus, relaxation and constant velocity profile) for the developed mechanical neck showed that this neck model is biomechanically reliable compared with in-vitro test results. As an application of developed head-neck complex dummy, shock absorbing properties of protective helmet was chosen. The experiments showed that the maximum pressure increment of brain after impact was tolerable compared with the guide line for mild brain injury pressure (25psi). Constrast to this results, the reaction force in the neck was high enough to produce failure in the cervical spine.


Experimental Study;Head-Neck Complex Dummy;Mechanical Neck;Helmet;Brain Pressure Variation