Stage 1 compaction behavior of tool steel under die pressing

금형압축 하에서 공구강 분말의 1단계 압축거동

  • Published : 1997.07.01


The stage 1 compaction behavior of tool steel powder under die pressing was studied. The friction effects between the powder and the die wall under different die pressing modes were also investigated. The elastoplastic constitutive equations based on the yield functions by Fleck et al. and by Shima and Oyane were implemented into a finite element program to simulate die compaction processes. Finite element calculations were compared with experimental data for densification and density distribution of tool steel powder under single and double action die pressing. Finite element calculations using the yield function by Fleck et al. agreed better with experimental data than by Shima and Oyane.


Die Compaction;Stage 1 Compaction;Single Action Pressing;Double Action Pressing;Finite Element Analysis;Constitutive Equation;Tool Steel Powder