Variation of fatigue crack propagation behavior based on the shape of the interaction between two cracks

두 크랙의 간섭형태에 따른 피로크랙전파거동의 변화

  • Published : 1997.07.01


Because of the existence of stress interaction field made by other defects and propagating cracks, the structure may be weakened. Therefore in this study, the crack behavior in the interaction field made by two different cracks is studied experimentally. In the experiment, vertical distance between two cracks and applied stress are varied to make different stress interacted field. In addition, the effect of plastic zone is used to examine crack propagation path and rate. Three types of crack propagation in the interacted field were found, and crack propagating path and rate of two cracks were significantly changed according to different applied stress as each crack propagates. And the results are attributed to the effect of the size and shape of the plastic zone.


Crack Interaction;Fatigue Life;Plastic Zone;Crack Propagation Rate;Finite Element Analysis;Crack Propagation Path