The Identification of Generation Mechanism of Noise and Vibrtaion and Transmission Characteristics for Engine System - The Source Identification and Noise Reduction of Compartment by Multidimensional Spectral Analysis and Vector Synthesis Method -

엔진의 소음.진동발생기구 및 전달특성 규명 -다차원해석법과 벡터합성법에 의한 차실소음원 규명 및 소음저감 -

  • Published : 1997.07.01


With the study for identifying the transmission characteristics of vibration and noise generated by operating engine system of a vehicle, recently many engineers have studied actively the reduction of vibration and noise inducing uncomfortableness to the passenger. In this study, output noise was analyzed by multi-dimensional spectral analysis and vector synthesis method. The multi-dimensional analysis method is very effective in case of identification of primary source, but this method has little effect on suggestion for interior noised reduction. For compensation of this, vector synthesis method was used to obtain effective method for interior noise reduction, after identifying primary source for output noise. In this paper, partial coherence function of each input was calculated to know which input was most coherent to output noise, then with simulation of changes for input magnitude and phase by vector synthesis diagram, the trends of synthesized output vector was obtained. As a result, the change of synthesized output vector could be estimated.


Multi-dimensional Spectral Analysis;Vector Synthesis Method;Partial Coherence Function;Partial Coherent Output Spectrum;Residual Spectrum