Optimum design of blank shape for press forming

최적 프레스가공을 위한 블랭크형상 설계

Kim, Yeong-Seok;Park, Gi-Cheol

  • Published : 1997.07.01


In the stamping industry the blank shape to be stamped into a designed shape has been conventionally determined from the try out process by the press engineers. The work needs a lot of time and thus leads a loss of productivity. In this study boundary element method for 2-dimensional potential problem was used to design optimum blank shapes for irregular press forming. Here we assumed that the blank is controlled by blank holder only and material flow at blank holder was under potential flow. The developed PC code for designing the optimum blank shape shows that the blank shapes for optimal drawing can be calculated within a few minute in pentium PC and the calculated shapes agree well with the experiments. However the application of this method is constrained only to the pressed product with flat bottom.


Boundary Element Method;Press Forimg;Blank Shape;Potential Problem