J-integral for subsurface crack in circular plate with inner hole under rolling and sliding contact

구름 및 미끄럼 접촉하의 중공원판의 표면하층균열에 대한 J-적분

  • Published : 1997.07.01


J-integral for a subsurface horizontal crack in a circular plate with an inner hole under rolling line contact is evaluated according to loading positions with various load conditions, crack length and crack location. Two-dimensional crack is modeled, and the relation between Tresca stress for uncracked model and J-integral is discussed. The loading location which gives the maximum J-integral depends on load condition and crack location, and the presence of friction force increases Tresca stress and J-integral near the surface. Regardless of friction force, crack location that gives maximum J-integral is the same as that of maximum Tresca stress in an uncracked model, and the value of J-integral is propotional to crack length. It is also showed that the variation of an inner radius of a disk does not effect J-integral value.


J-integral;Stress;Rolling Contact;Crack