Finite element analysis of reactor internals with structural faults

기계적 결함이 있는 원자로 내부구조물의 유한요소해석

  • Published : 1997.08.01


This paper concerns with the finite element analysis of reactor internals with structural faults. For investigating the influence of hold-down spring faults on dynamic characteristics of CSB (core support barrel), reactor internals of Ulchin-1 nuclear power plant are modeled using finite element method and simulated with artificial defects on the hold-down springs. To prove the validity of the finite element models, the calculated natural frequencies of CSB in normal state are compared with those from the measurement results, which shows good agreement. According to results of finite element analysis, CSB beam mode natural frequency decreases by 4.5% in the case of 10% partial relaxation of hold-down springs, and decreases by 18.4% in the case of 20%. The range of shell mode natural frequency change is within 5.3%.


Ulchin-1 Nuclear Power Plant;Reactor Internals;Finiter Element Analysis;Ex-core Neutron Signal


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